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Looking for Mouth Freshner? Here's the List of Top 15 Natural Mouth Freshner's | Home Remedies |

Looking for Mouth Freshner? Here's the List of Top 15 Natural Mouth Freshner's | Home Remedies - 

By Foody Fit

Mouth-freshener is generally used to remove bad odor and breathlessness. But using  mouth-freshener's that are found in the market can be harmful.In such a situation, there should be a mouth freshener for them which is completely natural. So, Here's the List of Home Remedieso as Natural mouth fresheners are as follows.

#1 Cardamon

Small cardamon is an excellent mouth freshener. Due to upset stomach or constipation also leads in mouth smells. If the smell coming from your mouth is very strong, then you can keep a cardamon in your mouth at all times.

#2 Coriander

Green coriander is rich in antioxidants as well as a good source of iron, potassium, and vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. It is also very effective in curing the wounds of the mouth. 

#3 Mint leaves  

Mint is an excellent herb that has been used from hundreds of years for its remarkable medicinal properties, and for refreshing and invigorating the breathe. Also, Mint leaf has antiseptic properties so it helps in removing mouth odor.

#4 Cloves

Cloves include antiseptic properties, which are very helpful in getting rid of the mouth odor. It is also used Tremendously in Ayurvedic products such as toothpastes and mouthwash to ease a toothache. The presence of eugenol in clove work as a strong antibacterial agent that combats odour causing bacteria.

 #5 Liquorice

The liquorice is used as a medicine and mouth freshener itself has many beneficial properties. To cure a sore throat immediately, licorice proves to be extremely helpful. The licorice also benefits in the condition of the dry mouth repeatedly. It is believed that by consuming licorice, as a rule, the voice is melodious.

 #6 Fennel seeds

Fennel has vitamin A as well as anti-bacterial properties. The digestive system remains healthy and eyesight increases with its intake. After eating food, eating fennel and sugar candy ends the rotting of the mouth naturally and the body also remains healthy. Consuming fennel is beneficial for staying healthy and fresh breath.

#7 Ginger Peppermint Mouth freshener

 Although ginger has many benefits, its aroma makes it an excellent mouth freshener to get rid of bad breath. Clean and cut the ginger into fine pieces. Spread on a tray, sprinkle salt and pepper pods on it and dry it for at least four to five days. 

#8 Gooseberry 

It is a sour fruit that is good for health. It is also used to reduce obesity. It removes the problem of mouth rottenness, foul odor, weak gums, and yellow teeth in a moment.

#9 Fenugreek

Fenugreek has antibacterial properties as well as aromatic properties. Drinking fenugreek tea removes the stench of the mouth. For this, boil fenugreek seeds in water, and after 5 minutes consume it like tea, which removes the smell of the mouth.

#10 Pomegranate

You must have heard the great quality of health, but do you also know that eating it does not smell bad. Next time you go to buy some fruit, do not forget to take pomegranate at all.

#11 Guava 

This fruit and its seeds are very effective in removing the problem of the mouth. With this, there is so much power even in the leaves of guava that it keeps your stomach fine and also removes the stench of the mouth.

#12 Green tea

 Mouth odor can be reduced with the use of green tea, as it contains antibacterial ingredients, which remove the odor of the mouth.

#13 Neem leaves

Wash and dry the neem leaves and burn them by putting them in a pot. Then mix rock salt in its ashes and brush it daily for 1 week. Soon the difference will be seen.

#14 Lemon

Lemon juice contains vitamin C as well as anti-bacterial properties. So drinking lemonade or rinse with lemon water after eating food helps to reduce bad breath.

#15 Yogurt

Eating yogurt is beneficial for health as well as it ends the bad breath. By eating yogurt, the bacteria become indifferent which ends the bad breath. Therefore, the use of Greek yogurt as a natural mouth-freshener is beneficial.


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