8 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a delicious food item that we can include in our diet in many ways and receive health benefits like weight loss, digestion, immunity boost, headache, etc. 

Many people drink it by mixing it with milk or water, while many people sprinkles honey on any dish to make it more delicious. Along with being full of flavor, it is also full of nutritious elements. It also has many positive effects on the health of people who consume honey at night. Let's know in detail about the nutritional value and benefits of honey consumption.

Nutritional Value of Honey  


1 Tablespoon of honey ( 80grams ) contains:

  • 64g calories
  • 17g Sugar 
  • 244 kcal
  • 52g Carbohydrates
  • 32g Fructose 
  • 27g Glucose
  • 0.3g Protein 

8 Health benefits of Eating Honey Daily :

  •  Relieve insomnia

People who have sleep problems at night, their body produce less amount of sleeping hormone. For such people, consuming honey at night will prove beneficial because the sleeping hormone increases by consuming honey. Because of this, people who consume honey at night can get good sleep. You can also drink it with milk to avoid the problem of insomnia.

  • Maintain digestion

The problem of constipation at night also bothers many people. When he is trying to sleep after eating food, constipation becomes the cause of his trouble. To avoid this problem, you should consume enough fiber. It can probably prove to be an excellent option for that because it also contains fiber which can give you relief from the problem of constipation.

  •  Relieve cough

You must have often seen that many people suddenly start coughing before sleeping at night. It can also be a risk of some serious disease or it can also be a common cough. According to scientific studies, perhaps such properties are found in which eating can get rid of the problem of cough.

  • Relieve headache

Headache can happen to people of any age. People who take stress and who have more work pressure can easily come under the grip of headache. For some people, the problem of headache bothers a lot even at night. At the same time, according to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it was confirmed that people who consume honey can feel relief from the problem of headache to a great extent.

  •  Relieve fatigue

Everyone's body feels tired after working all day. If this tiredness persists for a long time, then the muscles of the body also start to stretch. Whereas consuming honey can go a long way in eradicating fatigue. To remove the fatigue of the body, you can drink a glass of milk mixed with a spoonful of honey before sleeping at night. You will feel the positive benefit of this yourself.

  • Aids in weight loss

If you are troubled by increasing weight or obesity, then you can reduce your weight by consuming honey. For your information, let us tell you that there is no fat in honey at all. Along with controlling weight, it also lowers the cholesterol level of the body. Therefore, consume honey regularly.

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  • Aids in boosting immunity

The amount of essential antioxidants in honey is very high. The antioxidants present in it are very beneficial for the heart and protect against many types of heart-related diseases. Apart from this, the primary function of honey is to increase the immunity of the body. Having strong immunity power prevents many kinds of infectious diseases.

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  •  Constipation relief

If you are a patient of constipation, then understand that you are inviting many other diseases. Constipation is the root cause of many stomach-related problems. Honey reduces the absorption of fructose in the body, due to which you can also use it to relieve constipation. Apart from providing relief from constipation, it also provides comfort from flatulence and gas problems.

How much honey a day?

There's no particular in numbers, daily intake diet for honey specifically. However, considering its high sugar content, honey, the Nutritionists suggested, it should be eaten carefully. WHO indicated that free sugars (which means all monosaccharides and disaccharides added to foods by the manufacturers, cooks, or during cooking reception, plus sugars naturally present in honey, syrups, and fruit juices) structure no quite 10% of a person’s daily energy intake. 11, 12 For an adult requiring 2000 kcal each day, 10% equates to no quite 200 kcal from free sugars, which is about 60 grams of honey.


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