Green Tea - Healthy as it Claims?

Green Tea - Healthy as it Claims? | Benefits | Risks | Do's and don'ts | by FoodyFit

Green tea is famous as a hydrating beverage that is beneficial for health. It has lots of health benefits such as reducing inflammation, aids in weight loss, and reduce bad cholesterol. 

  • Health Benefits of Green Tea

  • When to drink green tea 

  • About GREEN TEA-


All types of teas have come from one plant known as camellia synesis. The one we get in the form of green tea comes from China and the other comes from India like black tea. Green tea is also known as unoxidized tea. There has been considerable research on the possible health effects of consuming green tea regularly, it found that green tea affects overall lifestyle health. It now becomes one of the most favorite beverages that also helps in improve health. It has the highest amount of antioxidants as compared to other teas. 


~ Enhances Consciousness

Green tea may enhance mental consciousness due to its caffeine content. It contains caffeine which helps to keep the brain alert all the time. It does not contain as much caffeine as present in coffee thus does not cause jittery effects on health and produce a healthy response. A lack of alertness is a symptom of several conditions, including sleep deprivation, depression, fatigue. People feel more active after drinking green tea as compare to coffee. Regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.

~ May Help against cancer- 

The review's findings also suggested that green tea consumption may be linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which control the growth of cells that cause. 

~ Reduces bad cholesterol- 

In research, consuming green tea either as a beverage or in a form of a capsule was linked to a significant reduction in bad cholesterol.

~ Helps in Depression-  

Green tea helps in reducing stress hormones and also reduces depression. Nowadays people are suffering from depression and it gets worst with the age. Green tea has polyphenols that help to reduce stress hormones and improve moods. 

~ May help in Stomach discomfort- 

Some studies suggest that drinking green tea even offers relief for several digestive disorders that are commonly related to bloating like colitis .

~ It may help in weight loss- 

Green tea is beneficial for people who want to lose weight. It energizes the body and stimulates metabolism. A good metabolism helps to reduce weight. Green tea can boost the metabolism rate in your body and this aids in reducing weight faster. Remember that only drinking green tea cant help much but you have to add exercise and a healthy diet to your lifestyle. Avid adding milk in green tea for better results.

~ Also, improves oral health- 

Green tea has antibacterial properties which help in dental care. It is very beneficial in curing bad breath. Bad breath mainly causes by tooth decay or gum disease. Green tea controls the growth of bacteria in the mouth and reducing the risk of bad breath.

~ Protects from bone loss- 

Regular intake of green tea might reduce the risk of bone loss by mitigating the breakdown of bone in elderly women and men. It also reduces the risk of bone fracture

~ Skin and hair- 

Green tea is a natural remedy for dry skin and hair problems. Green tea bags can be used to reduce irritation in the skin and scalp. It helps to make your skin better. It helps in reducing skin cancer. The harmful UV rays of the sun cause skin cancer. But green tea prevents damage to skin DNA and prevents skin cancer. Green tea is also rich in tannic acid which helps to treat sun tan and blemishes. Keep a green tea bag on your eyes and it helps to keep your eye relax.

  • Reduces the dark circle.
  • Improves skin tone
  • Used as a natural scrub.
  • Maintains skin pH level.

~ Reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease- 

Heart attack and strokes are the leading problems which is the major cause of death. The main reason for cardiovascular disease is bad cholesterol level or total cholesterol. Heart attack cause when your coronary arteries are blocked and it interrupts the smooth blood flow. Green tea is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol levels which prevent cardiovascular disease. It also has antioxidants properties that prevent bad cholesterol and lower chances of a Heart attack. Studies suggest, green tea may lower LDL cholesterol, which may be responsible for the tea's association with reduced risk of death from heart disease and stroke.

When to Drink Green TEA ? 

~ Avoid drinking green tea on empty stomach-

 Never drink green tea on an empty stomach because it affects your liver badly. Always drink green tea after having breakfast. 10 am - 11 am is the best time to have a cup of green tea. 

~ Take green tea between your meals- 

You can take green tea in between your daily meals. Drinking green tea before and after a meal will maximize the nutrient intake. The one benefit of drinking green tea before a meal is that it may help in reducing hunger.

~ Before bedtime- Do not take green tea just before bedtime. 

Drink green tea at least two hours before sleep. Because the caffeine content in green tea may affect your sleeping quality.

~ Drink green tea before exercise-

As I said earlier, green tea aids in weight loss because it speeds the metabolism rate in the body. Drinking green tea before exercise helps you to increase metabolism and reduce weight faster.

~ For skin health- 

Every cup of green tea is very effective for the skin. Green tea has anti-inflammation properties which help in reducing acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. It also keeps your skin hydrated. So take 3-4 cups of green tea in a day.

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