Pomegranate juice - A Blessing in Liquid form

Major Health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice daily ?


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  • Pomegranate juice side effects
  • Pomegranate juice benefits for skin
  • Pomegranate benefits for weight loss
  • Drinking pomegranate juice on empty stomach
  • Is pomegranate juice good for your kidneys
  • Best time to drink pomegranate juice
  • Benefits of pomegranate seeds
  • Best pomegranate juice


Benefit of drinking pomegranate juice for skin: and in Many other Ways - 

  • Useful in weight loss:

pomegranate juice is helpful in reducing weight loss or fatty substance.Pomegranate juice contains fibre,1 glass of pomegranate juice has many nutrients which is equals to 1 meal in a day.

  • Useful in digestion:

Pomegranate juice is easily digested in stomach and it helps in digestion of food.

Pomegranate juice is helpful in stomach related problems such as pain in stomach.

  • Improves haemoglobin in blood:

Pomegranate juice is very helpful for anaemic patients,as we know that pomegranate juice contains sufficient quantity of iron,so it helps in increasing the concentration of haemoglobin in blood.

  • Reduces acne and pimples:

Pomegranate juice contains antioxidant which is helpful in reducing acne and pimples.

  • Improves eyesight:

Pomegranate juice contains vitamin A,so it is helpful in increasing eyesight and it is very helpful for eye related problems.

  • Antiviral and antibacterial properties

Pomegranate have antibacterial and antiviral properties which provide protection for teeth against plaque.Pomegranate juice is good for oral problems.Pomegranate juice is better alternative than taking mouthwash.

  • Prevents clotting:

Pomegranate juice maintains or improves blood flow,its juice is helpful to reduce thickness of blood.

  • Improves immune system:

Pomegranate juice contains vitamin C ,which improves immune system.Persons who is ill can take pomegranate juice.

  • Skin moisturizer:

Pomegranate seed oil is excellent skin moisturizer for dry skin.Oil provides moisturizing and freshness to the skin,it removes dead skin cells.

  • For pregnant lady:

Pomegranate juice is nutritious and safe for mother and child.During pregnancy loss of blood or lack of iron occurs, which effect the health of health of both mother and child ,so during pregnancy must include pomegranate juice in diet.

  • Effective in hair loss:

If the hair loss is increasing day by day we must drink pomegranate juice daily,which improves blood circulation in scalp and strengthens the roots of hair,this prevents hair loss.

Pomegranate have antioxidant properties which give protection to skin cells against free radicals.It improve the life of skin cells.

Pomegranate juice contains antioxidant as it stops the ageing and degeneration process and it also reduces the chances of arthritis.

  • Diabetes and Heart patients:

It is very helpful in diabetes and for heart patients,eating pomegranate or its juice is very helpful.As pomegranate juice contain fibre which is useful for heart patients.

  • Provides energy:

If someone is feeling weakness,the person can take pomegranate juice as it provide instant energy because it contain vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity.

  • Helpful in kidney diseases:

Pomegranate juice is very helpful in blood purifying and in urine and kidney problems.

What are the essential medicinal agents that pomegranate juice contains?


Pomegranate contains vitamin A,C and folic acid.It contains antioxidant, antitumor properties and uses for treating prostate cancer,lung cancer.It has antiplaque properties and helps in treating oral problems .It is very useful for pregnant ladies .It is very nutritious for both mother and child ,because it contains iron.

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