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Traditional Indian Chai - Poison or Elixir

Traditional Indian Chai - Poison or Elixir | Benefits of chai | Side-effects of chai | Recipe of Chai | by FoodyFit  

Purpose of chai :

Chai was first invented around 5,000 years ago as an Ayurvedic beverage meant to heal and energize those who drank it but Now Chai serves as an Everyday drink for Everyone. 

About Indian Chai :


Chai is the Most Widespread drink in India. From child to adult, everyone is having a habit of drinking chai. The country consumes approximately 8,40,000 tonnes of Chai every year. In India, people are particularly not having any place to have it. Chai is almost available in every part of India.

For the majority of the people, Chai is more than enough to start their day.

Though recipes are different the love, and boding between the Chai and are India remained the same.Chai a milk-infused, sweet-spicy drink that has gained immense global popularity over the years. 

India happens to be the second-largest producer of chai.

While masala chai is the most loved and widely consumed form of Indian tea, There’s no end to the variations available. 

The favorite flavor of chai for different populations and groups varies from being sweet, creamy, and fruity to sour, spicy, and zesty.

While chai may seem like the perfect and healthy beverage to some many studies have compared the benefits vs risk ratio of this globally popularity.

Chai is the most traditional and illustrious drink for Indian citizens. Though Chai means tea only, here in India, we prefer tea with milk, which seems more delicious. So, have you ever wondered if Chai is good for your health? 

The Chai wallahs :

People who sell Chai on stalls beside roads are known as chai wallahs. Trust me, Not only Indians, these chai wallahs have a colossal following in foreign countries. As a result, in many English writings, Chai is mentioned as a culture of India.  

These Chai wallahs sell Chai all day with sugar, Spices and Milk, and people will love it. Chai is of the best sweet drinks in India. So yeah, in some ways, we can call it the best sweet beverages in India. People use different Ingredients to prepare Chai. People from different states have a different recipe for preparing Chai in India.

Benefits of Chai :

Chai contains antioxidants, has less Caffeine than Coffee, Reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, help you with weight loss, may help protect your bones, and the most important thing is to keep your smile bright.

  •  It boosts your energy and uplifts your time efficiency as Chai has caffeine, and caffeine boosts your energy

  •  Chai containing ginger can reduce Nausea, and Chai with black pepper can use as an antibacterial drink as black pepper contains antibacterial property

  •  Chai reduces pain and works as an anti-inflammatory agent 

  •  It helps to digest food readily and ease stomach pain

  •  Antioxidants 

Both the black tea and the spices used in the drink are good sources of antioxidants.Antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress on our cells and also help boost our immune system.

  • Healthy Heart

Drinking black tea may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Weight Loss

Black tea may help with reducing calorie intake and enhancing fat burn. In addition to that chai is often made with milk, which means you are getting a dose of protein every now and then. Proteins are highly thermogenic foods that aid in weight loss.

Side-effects of chai :

Chai reduces iron absorption; It increases anxiety, Stress and Restlessness. Having more Chai results in Poor Sleep and pregnancy Complications. In addition, Chai causes Headaches and Dizziness.

● Chai is responsible for creating iron deficiency as it contains tannin, which reduces iron absorption in the stomach.

● Caffeine in Chai establishes many harmful effects like heartburn, stress when caffeine is consumed too much. Caffeine is also liable for not having a proper sleep after taking tea before bed.

● Chai causes Nausea when it is taken after fasting and consists of too much spice like pepper, ginger, cinnamon etc.

  • Iron deficiency anemia

Chai/tea is a rich source of a compound called tannins. Tannins may bind to iron in some foods, rendering it unavailable for absorption in your digestive flow.

  • Anxiety

Tea leaves naturally contain caffeine. Overconsuming caffeine may contribute to feelings of anxiety, stress, restlessness, and also poor sleep.

  • Constipation 

Theophylline, a chemical in chai might lead to a dehydrating effect during digestion, and may cause constipation.

So, even though chai may seem to be the most popular and healthy drink it also carries some risks, especially when taken in a large quantity per day. Hence moving forward, we all can still have our cup of chai as we like, but still be mindful to take it in moderation. 

Note: These are not common problems for everyone. People who are drinking more Chai than required are experiencing these problems. That's the fact of life everything will a limit; once we cross it, we will face some problems.

Recipe of Chai - ( chai kaise banaye )

Ginger Tea/Adrak wali Chai Recipe - Health Benefits of Ginger Tea!

Being a big fan of Ginger Tea, there's no doubt that Ginger tea is one of the popular flavours of tea which is consumed in Asia.

Ginger is a herb which has medicinal value from ages. Drinking ginger tea may help with everything from kinetosis to cancer prevention. There are many health benefits of consuming ginger tea daily. It can help calm motion sickness symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, and Nausea from morning sickness. It can also prevent Blood pressure related issues and helps in controlling weight and blood sugar, Pain relief, Immune support and cancer prevention. Most importantly, it provides a soothing effect, who is suffering from cold and cough. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea can be prepared in two variants. With or without milk. We can also add lemon and pudina/tulsi to the tea which we prepared without milk.

Preparation time: 15-20 minutes
Servings: 2


  • 1 Cup of water
  • 1 inch ginger 
  • Cardamon 2-3 units (Optional)
  • 1 Small piece cinnamon (Optional)
  • 2-3 tsp Tea powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tsp sugar

  • Step 1 - 

Boil one small glass of water in a pot on medium flame.

  • Step 2 -

After few mins, Add 2 spoons of tea powder, 2-3 units of cardamon and a small piece of cinnamon. You can add Sugar later or can be added with tea powder. Boil for 5 minutes on medium flame.

  • Step 3 -

Ginger needs to be added carefully. Tea will might get curdled if we over boil with ginger. Hence, I prefer to add ginger at the end. Boil it for 2-3 minutes and serve. If ginger is added before adding milk. Don't over boil it.

  • Step 4-

Using a tea strainer, strain it. Watch out for yourself. Most people burn thier hands in this process.

  • Step 5 -

Enjoy ginger tea/adrak chai along with cookies or evening snacks.

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