Why Body Nutrition is as important as Fitness ?

Nutrition is an important part of health?

What we eat plays an important role in how we look and feel. Regular exercising is important but nutrition has the major impact on our fitness. Making food our medicine has become a popular craze for health improvement. The current trend focuses on healthy food intake as a primary fitness goal. When healthy eating habits become a lifestyle, we eventually become healthier and happier. Eating right provides lots of benefits like, we reduce body fat, feel more confident and reduce the risk of disease. Eating a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise is essential to maintaining physical and mental health and well-being. Not only are these effective in preventing excess weight gain or maintaining weight loss, but healthy lifestyles are also associated with better sleep and mood.

What does our body really need?

Our body needs proteins, good carbohydrates, good fats and unrefined sugars. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to lose weight, get lean or gain more muscle, because at the end of the day, your diet will affect your progress and help you achieve your goal. A lot of people are now turning to superfoods – foods that are known for their rich nutrient content.

Healthy foods contain adequate amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates to give you the energy you need to complete every task and win the day on a professional and personal plan. In addition, nutritious foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential for fighting inflammation, improving all daily functions, and protecting the health of your central nervous system.

Food is our medicine

Nutrient-rich foods, or "superfoods," include lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats essential to our health. Superfoods are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants relative to the amount of calories they contain.

Antioxidants reduce inflammation in our bodies to help us fight disease and illness. Inflammation is said to be the major cause of many diseases. For example, the powerful antioxidants in leafy greens and vegetables help protect cells from potential free radical damage.

Some superfoods contains compounds that will increase our metabolism for more efficient fat burn. Cayenne pepper contains a molecule called capsaicin that has been shown to increase the rate at which the body burns fat.

Disease Prevention

One of the biggest benefits of a great diet is that it helps protect your body from diseases and other conditions. Your body's immune system is a complex machine, and diet and exercise can heavily affect it. Many of the wrong foods can put you at risk, but the right foods, complemented by proper exercise, can actually boost your body's ability to fight disease.

Some diseases that a good diet can prevent include:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Depression
  • Several types of cancer
  • Arthritis

Mood and Energy

A balanced diet can have a big impact on your mood. Chemicals in the brain called "endorphins" make you feel happy and positive, and these are triggered by most types of exercise.

Diet can have many of the same effects, and there are indicators that suggest that proper diet and exercise are two major factors in overall mental health. Both help reduce stress and can increase brain activity. Endorphin stimulation can also help prevent depression and increase self-esteem.


Weight is one of the major factors involved in heart disease, high cholesterol or blood pressure and many other conditions. What are the top two factors that affect weight? You got it, diet and exercise.


Sleep problems are a concern for millions of people worldwide, and diet and exercise can affect your sleep habits. A balanced diet can directly affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is recommended that you do not eat right before bedtime, but proper habits in both areas can turn restless nights into restful nights.

If you are trying to improve your dietary habits, consult with your primary care provider. He will be able to get you on a plan that is right for you.


What you really need to keep in mind is moderation, and understanding the needs of your body. You have to consume a diet that meets the nutrient requirements of your body so that you can get healthy results.


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