What is a Balanced Diet and Properties of a Balanced Diet

What is a "Balanced Diet"?

Balanced diet refers to the food that maintains health, and does not allow the body to become too fat nor too thin. A diet which is suitable for one human being may also be inappropriate for others, hence the relation of diet. No definite rule can be made in.

Meaning of Balanced Diet

The diet in which all types of essential elements are found which are beneficial for the human body, that diet has been named as balanced diet.

Some important things related to balanced diet

Normally 5 to 10% protein is required for a person per day, more than this it is considered appropriate to consume carbohydrates and 30 to 40 grams of fiber, which contains all kinds of nutrients and minerals. 

Protein is found in high amount in milk, meat, fish etc. It provides firmness to the body after digestion. Carbohydrates are obtained from vegetables, fruits, grains and parties. Where it helps in digesting other substances, the body also gets extra calories.

Fat obtained from substances like ghee, oil, butter, fish etc. contributes significantly to the development of the body by providing more calcium to the body. Chana, mixed wheat barley bread is good for digestion and health, the consumption of lemon, green coriander, green chili and ginger, where the food makes the food tasty, it also makes it postic and digestible.

Why Balanced Diet is Essential ?

Balance diet is necessary for any person, because it provides the right and adequate nutrients to the body. When the body gets enough nutrients, overall health stays in good condition. Balance diet can prevent obesity and many other problems.

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Properties of a balanced diet

A balanced diet is considered essential for our body and mind, let's know about the important qualities that are present in a balanced diet.

  • Eating a balanced diet keeps our health good, our body remains healthy and strong
  • A balanced diet provides the body with many nutrients that are necessary for our body both mentally and physically.
  • The essential elements in a balanced diet are according to our body, according to our age, our body needs settled calories and other essential elements, therefore it has been considered necessary to include a balanced diet.

Key elements of a balanced diet

  1. Fat
  2. Protein
  3. Water
  4. Vitamins
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Mineral salts

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The Science behind Balance diet

Include rainbow colors in your diet. All the vitamins and minerals for your body are supplied by vegetables and fruits of all colors like carrots, tomatoes, radishes, capsicum etc. It contains anti-oxidants which clean the skin-destroying free radicals from the body.

5 Flavors of Diet

Our tongue has 5 primary sense of Taste which are known as taste buds sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. The taste of these five tastes is necessary for healthy skin, but if these flavors are consumed naturally, only then everyone benefits from it.

Power boosting foods

It is also considered necessary to consume energy-boosting foods. It contains a lot of nutrients and which are difficult to get from other sources. These foods include fenugreek seeds, sprouts, flax seeds, almonds (with skin which contains omega 3 fatty acids). Contains fatty acids) These are sources of protein, magnesium and vitamin E. They help us fight heart diseases and cancer. We can include them in evening snacks but have a regular intake of these substances. Consuming is beneficial for health, if you include it excessively in your diet, then it can also prove to be harmful for our health, so healthy substances should be consumed in a right way and in the right amount so that they make our body more healthy. May prove beneficial for both.


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