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Grams/Chana is a major Indian food grain. It is used as a very beneficial and nutritious food. Along with this, do you know what are the benefits of eating soaked grams?

Chana is also known as black gram in other regional languages. It plays a very important role in providing many health benefits.

You must have often heard the elders saying that soaked gram must be eaten in the morning. Many people advice eating soaked gram, who have just joined gym, eating gram as breakfast. But by consuming gram regularly, you get many benefits. Legumes and pulses are an important part of our diet. Which not only make our food tasty, but also give many benefits to our health. One of these pulses and legumes is bright black gram, which is considered a source of nutritious food.

Many people also know black gram by the name of Chole. Numerous nutritious elements are found in black gram such as protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrate and calcium, which helps in removing many diseases of our body and also helps in sharpening our mind. Black gram is not only beneficial for health but also for our hair. If there is a deficiency of iron or hemoglobin in a person's body, then they must consume black gram because 30% iron is present in black gram.

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Many people also like to eat roasted gram. Some use gram by boiling, some by frying, or by Mixing in vegetables. But today we are going to tell you about the benefits of soaked gram in this article, so let us know, when and how should we eat soaked gram or sprouted gram.

Right time to eat soaked gram -

If you want that you get maximum benefit of black gram, then for this it is very important to know the right time to eat your Soaked gram.

The right time to eat soaked gram is in the morning on an empty stomach. As it provides many supernatural benefits to health. If your breakfast is healthy and full of nutrients, then you will remain energetic throughout the day. If you want, you can start your day by eating a handful of soaked gram. Because soaked chickpeas keep you fit and healthy as well as help in preventing diseases, and at the same time cleanses your blood and sharpens the mind.

How much quantity of gram should be consumed - 

You can consume two handfuls of gram regularly every morning after waking up. By consuming gram, you will start seeing the effect on your body very soon. Especially to get rid of stomach problems, the consumption of gram is very beneficial.

Right way to Eat Soaked Grams -

Sprouted black gram or soaked gram contains vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin A, chlorophyll as well as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and many types of minerals. 

Due to which Black gram is considered a "Superfood."

Wash a handful of gram thoroughly in a glass or any vessel at night and keep it to soak. After getting up in the morning, take out the gram from the water and consume it on an empty stomach. If you want, you can eat black gram plain, or you can also use black gram mixed with jaggery.

If you eat gram soaked with jaggery, then it is very beneficial for your health. But along with this, you have to keep in mind that the soaked gram and jaggery have to be chewed and eaten properly.

There are many benefits of eating soaked gram and jaggery on an empty stomach in the morning. Consuming jaggery with soaked gram or sprouted gram after a workout or exercise in the morning, it provides a lot of energy to your body. Along with this, it can also be a great post workout snack.

Soaked chickpeas are a storehouse of protein and iron. Women can use gram and jaggery during their menstruation. By doing this, it helps a lot in fulfilling their lack of blood.

People who have the habit of urinating frequently, or there is a problem of coming. Those people can get rid of this problem by using jaggery and gram.

Benefits of eating soaked gram -

We have told you in our article that black gram is a good source of fiber, iron, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folate and many other nutrients like manganese, phosphorus. In such a situation, if the gram is soaked in water overnight, then the nutrients and minerals present in the gram increase further. By eating soaked black gram, our digestive system digests it easily.

So let's know what are the benefits of eating soaked gram.

1. Benefits of eating gram to cure diabetes

Plenty of nutrients are found inside gram to keep our good health and well being. The nutrients that are found inside gram also protect us from diabetes, because gram is a fiber rich food item. Research has found that individuals suffering from diabetes should consume a diet rich in fiber. Because blood glucose levels are low in diabetic patients. Patients with type 2 diabetes should consume a high fiber diet. So that diabetes can be improved. Along with being high in fiber, gram contains carbohydrates. Therefore, gram is considered very beneficial for diabetics and for general people.

2. Benefits of eating gram to lose weight -

It is essential to have fiber rich foods in a balanced diet. Fiber rich foods are very beneficial in reducing weight. Black gram is rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is very helpful in reducing weight. On the contrary, insoluble fiber relieves problems caused by the digestive system and constipation. The fiber present in gram controls appetite, and gives a feeling of fullness. Due to which there is no feeling of hunger again and again.

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If you consume boiled gram, it reduces your appetite. In this way, due to loss of appetite, the extra calories present inside the body are used for energy production. Similarly, the benefits of eating gram are helpful in reducing weight. If you want, you can take advantage of the special properties of gram.

3. Healthy Heart

The Heart is called the engine of the body. If the engine itself stops, life will be over. That is why it is very important to keep the heart healthy. If you want to keep your heart healthy, gram should be taken. Chickpeas are rich in phytonutrients along with delphandins, anthocyanins, cyanidins, antioxidants and petunidins.

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All these nutrients go a long way in keeping blood vessels healthy, which is helpful in preventing oxidative stress. Due to which the risk of getting heart disease also decreases. Chickpeas are rich in folate and magnesium, which can reduce problems like heart attacks, blood clots, plaque formation and stroke.

4. Uses of Chana to Lower Cholesterol -

High levels of cholesterol inside the body affect heart and blood pressure health. You can consume gram to reduce these problems. Because the soluble fiber present in gram binds the acid. Which prevents absorption by the body. Cholesterol levels can be reduced by using gram in this way.

If you consume gram regularly, then it is very helpful in reducing the level of cholesterol. Apart from this, it makes the blood vessels healthy by reducing the blockage of blood vessels and cholesterol. Due to which the blood circulation is done properly.

5. Strengthens Immunity System -

In today's time the corona virus epidemic is spreading everywhere. For which it has become very important to strengthen our immunity. So that the body can be protected from diseases. 

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A cheap and better solution for this is the consumption of black gram is a good option. Soaking black gram in water for 8 to 10 hours and consuming it can strengthen the immunity system. Physical strength can also be increased by eating black gram. Due to which you get energy to work throughout the day.

6. Benefits of Chana for Women

Chickpeas are used as a nutritious food providing a variety of health benefits. But along with this, there are many benefits of gram for women as well. For example, gram helps a lot in preventing osteoporosis, breast cancer etc. Apart from this, gram is helpful in reducing hot flashes in post-menopausal women.

The phytonutrients called Saponins found inside chickpeas act as antioxidants. In this way, gram is beneficial for women.

7. Powerful Energy Booster

You can use gram to increase physical energy. Because gram is considered a special diet. Gram is also used to provide more energy to horses. Because gram contains high protein, which helps a lot in getting plenty of energy and strength to the body, in addition there is a compound called methionine inside the gram, which helps in developing cells. By soaking the gram at night, consuming them in the morning gives you energy for the whole day. You can also use roasted gram to keep the body fit.

8. Helpful in making blood -

You must have read in this article that we told you that black gram is an excellent source of iron. Therefore, black gram also removes the problems caused by anemia, and along with it also promotes the energy level in the body. Breastfeeding women, pregnant women, and a growing child can be very beneficial if they are given a limited amount of black gram. Black gram also produces hemoglobin inside the body. Therefore, eating black gram is very beneficial for health.

9. Beneficial in removing the problem of constipation -

Soluble fiber is found in abundance in black gram. Therefore, they are very helpful in removing problems related to the digestive system, and keep the digestive system healthy. Often the problem of constipation puts stress on the intestine. In such a situation, black gram removes the problem of constipation. Those people whose constipation problem is bothering them, they should soak gram in water overnight.

10. Healthy Hair Benefits -

Along with health, sprouted gram or soaked gram is also very beneficial in enhancing beauty. There is manganese inside the gram, which gives energy to our cells. Who does not see the signs of growing age on the face. Black gram has the ability to fight free radicals, which cause our wrinkles. These vitamins act as a fuel for B cells. Manganese present inside black gram is very beneficial for hair. It is often seen that due to deficiency of manganese, hair growth stops. Apart from this, protein is found in abundance in black gram, which helps in preventing hair fall.

11. Benefits of eating gram for skin -

You can use gram for skin problems and to keep the skin healthy. Protein, fiber, copper, carbohydrates and iron are in abundance inside gram, which is very beneficial for our skin. Skin can be used to help prevent skin infections and the development of acne. Apply a mixture of gram powder and milk on your face. This treatment goes a long way in curing the acne on your face. In this way, you can use chana to clean your complexion and enhance the beauty.

Disadvantages of eating Soaked gram - 

In addition, while providing various health benefits, there can be some disadvantages as well. If gram is consumed in right quantity then it is very beneficial.

If gram is consumed in excess on an empty stomach, it can be harmful for health. Due to the high fiber content, eating more gram can cause problems like stomach cramps, flatulence, diarrhea and bloating.

If someone is allergic to gram, then they should not consume gram.

Apart from this, if you get headache, cough, skin rashes after some time after eating gram, then contact the specialist immediately.


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