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Sandalwood is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is full of its many properties, due to the anti-bacterial property of sandalwood, it is herbal antiseptic. It can be found in many perfumes and air fresheners. It’s a classic scent from an essential tree. For Centuries, Sandalwood Oil has been in use for many traditional therapies and medications.

That is why it heals any kind of small wounds and scratches. It also heals wounds caused by burns. Sandalwood paste not only cures acne but also provides in cleaning the skin.

Mixing half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, making a paste and applying it on the face for 20 minutes, not only reduces the pimples, but also makes the face appear to be glowing.

Not only this, sandalwood can be used in any form and still beneficial for us, Whether it is soap, oil or powder form. Sandalwood balances the process of the body. Corrects the digestive process as well as a healthy process. And makes the nervous system strong.

Let us now know about some of the benefits that we get from sandalwood.

1. Nail Acne Removal

By applying sandalwood powder and rose water paste regularly, even if your skin is oily, then there will be no fear of acne, apart from this, mix equal quantity of black gram powder in sandalwood powder and prepare a paste with milk or rose water and apply it on the face. Pimples disappear forever.

2. Skin whitening

Stain spots on the face reduce the beauty. For this, mix turmeric and lemon juice in sandalwood powder and leave it on the face for half an hour. After 30mins, wash your face with cold water. This not only makes the skin blemish-free, but also makes the skin soft and supple. Apart from this, mix equal amounts of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder and make a test with a little milk, add a pinch of camphor to it, massage this paste on the face. And leave it overnight, due to which the face gets a feeling of coolness as well as the spots of the face are removed.

3. Relieving Itch

If there is itching on any part of the body, applying sandalwood paste provides relief from it. For this, mix turmeric and a spoonful of lemon juice in sandalwood powder and apply it on the place where there is itching, doing this gives relief from itching and also does not cause redness.

4. Remove blackness of the face.

Sandalwood is very helpful in improving our complexion. For this, prepare a fine paste by mixing a spoon of coconut oil, a spoon of almond oil, a little rose water and two spoons of sandalwood powder in it. Then apply it on the face and wash it after it becomes dry.

5. Sweating Relief

If someone sweats excessively, mix sandalwood powder with plain water and apply it on the body, doing so reduces sweating.

6. Remove Wrinkles

Coming on the face, we look very old in age, wrinkles are considered a sign of old age.

A Complete Guide for Wrinkles

Sandalwood is very helpful in reducing wrinkles, to get rid of this problem, sandalwood paste should be used twice a week.

7. Relieve Dry Skin

Sandalwood oil is beneficial for dry skin, it provides moisture to dry skin and makes the skin soft, for this we should massage sandalwood oil on the face for 5 to 10 minutes and leave it for the whole night. .

8. Anti-Inflammatory 

Sandalwood oil is a very effective anti-inflammatory agents. It is proven that sandalwood helps in decreasing inflammation in the case of skin disorders such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It can also be used to treat insect bites or wounds.

9. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Sandalwood aromatherapy is very popular for it's properties to reduce anxiety and stress. It is one of the best essential oils that ease keep your emotions under control and promotes peace. Take few drops of Sandalwood Oil and Rub in your wrist, ankles or inhale it directly to lower stress and anxiety.

Sandalwood side effects?

The use of sandalwood has been going on since ancient times. Especially in Ayurveda, sandalwood has been used a lot. Applying sandalwood paste on all types of wounds, boils, cuts, etc. provides relief. It is a precious plant which is found mostly in South India. Sandalwood button is applied by the newlyweds before the wedding so that the glow of her face and physique remains. It is a natural medicinal substance, so regular use does not cause any harm.

Harmful effects of sandalwood

  • If we take sandalwood directly by mouth, then there is a possibility of it causing pain or itching in the stomach.
  • Pregnant women should not use white sandalwood.
  • Some people are prone to allergic reactions due to the use of white sandalwood.
  • If someone has kidney problem then sandalwood should not be used or taken.


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