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Is Cycling the Best exercise? For Weight Loss | Bones | Skin | Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Cycling and Drawbacks

Cycling is a low-impact type of aerobic workout and is considered to be an excellent cardio exercise, as it has a low impact on the joints. It significantly contributes to improving our physical health as well as mental health by keeping us active and involved.

Cycling improves Oxygen consumption and leads towards better stamina, endurance, better body composition and makes our legs and core stronger.

Many studies show the positive effects of indoor cycling on several factors related to health and well-being, such as maximal oxygen consumption, blood pressure improvement, body composition, and biochemical markers such as HDL or LDL - the cholesterol level.

Not only can We get Health benefits by cycling daily, but We can also protect ourselves from various diseases, let's know what are the benefits of cycling.

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10 Health Benefits of Cycling Daily

It's easy, even for beginners

Cycling is unlike other sports, As it doesn't require a high level of physical abilities, or professional training. Even with 15 minutes of practising every day, a person can learn How to ride a bicycle within a month. 

Stronger Muscles

Cycling plays a crucial role in strengthening the muscles of our body, people who do regular cycling, their muscles tend to be more stronger than ordinary people.

Cycling is one of the most impactful exercises for leg muscles.

Maintains Body Balance

It's a great advantage of doing regular cycling is that all body parts stay in balance and ultimately leading towards good body posture.

Balance tends to decline with age and inactivity, so it’s vital to keep on top of it.

Another special thing is that by cycling it becomes easy to drive a two-wheeler bike because, If a person learns to balance then it becomes easy to drive.

Excellent for Weight Loss

Doing Cycling every day, our increasing weight can be controlled, and reduce body fat, as well as weight can be reduced.

In a study, it is found that people who cycle for half an hour daily, lose about 5 kg in 1 year. Because cycling reduces the extra fat in our body, which reduces weight.

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It works by increasing your metabolic rate, building muscle mass, increasing bone density in older adults, decreases risk for cardiovascular disease, and several types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Energy ⏫

By cycling every morning in morning, the lack of oxygen in our body is fulfilled, as well as new energy is transmitted.

This energy obtained from cycling makes our body healthy and at the same time keeps our body very active. Due to this, we remain energetic throughout the day, so we should keep cycling regularly for this.

Healthy Heart

It takes lots of effort to do cycling, the movement of the hands and feet is intense, due to which the heartbeat increases and the blood circulation of the body improves.

Having correct blood circulation is beneficial for our heart because it keeps our heart healthy, and reduces the risk of heart diseases, as well as reduces the risk of heart attack.

Safety Precautions After Heart Attack


Cycling is one of few means of transport that doesn't cause pollution, as it completely works on human power, Not on Fuels. Apart from this, Cycling is the only transport that provides health benefits while reaching your destination or your place of work.

Strengthens Immunity

One of the benefits of cycling is that by cycling regularly, it strengthens our immune system.

A study has found that people who cycle for half an hour daily boost their immunity power, which reduces their chances of getting sick by 50 per cent.

Keep the Brain Healthy

It also makes our brain very strong, due to which our memory gets boosted.

Why 2 Soaked Almonds Before the Exam?

According to research, in People who do regular cycling, their brain power becomes 15% more than that of ordinary people and new brain cells continue to be formed in their body, which keeps our brain healthy and helps in preventing feelings of stress, Depression, or Anxiety. This is due to the effects of the exercise itself and the enjoyment that riding a bicycle can bring.

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Brighten the Skin

Cycling also makes our skin attractive and healthy because our blood cells and skin get plenty of oxygen.

Due to a sufficient amount of oxygen to the blood cells and skin, our skin tends to be more healthy, glowing, and attractive.

Drawbacks of Cycling

There are very few drawbacks to Cycling, yet many people avoid cycling due to safety concerns.


Road accidents, Slip on streets, sudden falls down due to any obstacles or hard brakes are the major drawbacks while cycling. Knee Injuries are the most common type of injury caused while cycling. Read more on Knee Injuries.

Lack of lights

Due to the unavailability of headlights, it is nearly impossible to drive a bicycle at night. Not because human vision sees less at night, but because cars or trucks cannot see us at night. 

However, statistics are shown according to NHTSA, 13 per cent of all injury-causing bicycle accidents are caused by roads that are not in good repair/Riding at Night: More than half of all bicycle accidents happen when it is dark outside.

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Happy Cycling!


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