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Definition of Headache | Types | Causes | 15 Home Remedies with Foods for Headaches

First, don't treat headaches like a Disease; they are ubiquitous nowadays. Sometimes we ignore it and treat it, but according to researchers, In some cases, Headaches should be treated; otherwise, they might worsen later.

There can be common severe causes of headaches, so it is essential to care for them on time for this problem.

For this, we tell you the complete information about headaches in this article; this will help you know and treat this problem.

Contents -

  • What is Headache?
  • Types of Headaches
  • Causes of Headaches
  • 15 Home Remedies with Foods that help in Treating headaches

What is Headache?

We usually consider Headaches a minor disease or problem, but these problems can also be severe.

Headache starts mild but gradually increases and sometimes becomes so much that it becomes difficult for the patient to cope with the pain. Head pain increases so much that it becomes necessary to take medicine, and sometimes even medicine does not give relief. But this is not a matter of great concern; if the headache remedies are done on time, this problem can be solved.

Headaches must be treated, and we can treat them quickly at home too. We will tell you some home remedies for headaches which are very easy and effective.

Types of Headaches

There are more than 150 types of Headaches, but the 4 Most common types, are listed below ;

  • Tension Headache

Tension is the most common headache; people often fall prey to this problem. This pain occurs on both sides of the head and can be treated via Simple remedies like Sipping Tea/coffee or taking a light dose of medicine.

  •  Sinus Pain

A sinus headache occurs in the front of the head and sometimes on the face. This pain occurs due to the sign cavity in the nose, head and eyes. This headache is felt more when our head is tilted forward.

  •  Cluster

Very few people get this headache. There is severe pain in any part of the head in this pain. Due to this, there is a feeling of heaviness, strain and pain in the eyes.

  •  Migraine

The pain of a migraine is more severe on the side of the head. In this, the patient feels like something is piercing quickly in the head. It can also be due to sleep deprivation, stress, noise or hormonal changes.

Causes of Headaches

  •  Stress

When the stress becomes more, and the body cannot handle it, it affects our head, due to which the headache starts.

  •  Lack of Sleep

Some people don't get enough sleep, which according to WHO, 8hrs, and lack of sleep results in headaches and WHO, 8hrs, and lack of sleep results in headaches and gives birth to many problems in our bodies.

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  • Priority of Work > Health

Working restlessly and not taking care of health directly leads to the Road of Destruction, which is physical and mental fatigue and invariably leads to headaches.

  •  Noisy, Noisy, Noisy

Due to excessive noise in the house or the hustle and bustle of the market, the head starts feeling heavy, and pain is felt. Excessive noise can seriously harm human health, cause disturbance in sleep routine, cause cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects, and reduce performance. Source ; WHO

  •  E-World

Headache is also caused by excessive use of electronic devices such as mobile, laptop, TV or sound system.

  •  Overthinking

Some people have a habit of overthinking, so the tension builds in the head, and a headache starts.

  •  Lack of water

In the USA, 75% of adults suffer chronic dehydration, i.e., Not drinking enough water and resulting in tiredness and a dehydrated body; due to dehydration, Headaches can occur.

  •  From Migraine

Headaches have a tendency to run in families, especially migraines. Children with migraines usually have at least one parent who suffers from them.

  • High Blood pressure

When the blood pressure of the body increases, it also causes headaches. People who complain of blood pressure start feeling headaches due to not taking medicine.

  •  Injuries

If someone has ever suffered an injury to the neck, head or spinal cord, it can also cause a headache.

  •  Nasal Ear Disease

If a person has any disease or problem with the nose, ears and throat, it can also cause headaches.

  •  Weak Eye's

If the eye has become weak or the number of eyeglasses has changed, and we continuously use the old ones, the headache problem arises.

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15 Home Remedies with Foods that help in Treating headaches


  • For headaches caused by cold, Grind cinnamon and heat it in water to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste on the forehead and forehead; it provides quick relief from headaches due to colds.
  • Taking a few drops of cinnamon oil and rubbing it on the forehead also provides tremendous relief from headaches and provides relief.
  • Cinnamon oil can also be applied on the head, relieving headaches.


If there is pain in the head due to tension or heaviness, grind the fenugreek seeds and massage them on the head for a while.

You can also apply it; the headache will stop in some time, then wash the head with water.

Rose Water

  • If a few drops of rose water are put in both the nostrils of the nose, it provides excellent relief from headaches.
  • If there is a headache due to fever, mix an equal quantity of water in two spoons of rose water and give it to the patient four to five times a day. It will be beneficial for headaches.
  • Applying rose perfume to the headache ends the headache.
  • In summer headaches, drinking sugar candy mixed with rose water provides great relief.

Bay leaves

Bay leaves are also excellent Home Remedies to get rid of a headache.

Whether the headache is due to cold or heat, grind the bay leaf with the stalk, then apply it a little to the forehead. It relieves headaches and gives great relief.

Peepal leaves

  • Head pain can be relieved very quickly by using peepal leaves.
  • After washing the peepal leaves thoroughly with water and chewing through the mouth, its juice should be drunk, and the leaves should be spit.
  • Doing this four to five times daily reduces headaches and relieves colds.

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Clean and dry the basil leaves, grind them after drying, and give them a smell to the patient; it ends the headache.

Mixing an equal quantity of lemon juice in the juice of basil leaves and giving it to the patient gets rid of headaches very quickly.


  • We can treat headaches very quickly at home with the help of lemon; it is very effective.
  • Extract the juice from the leaves of lemon; it also cures chronic headaches.
  • Drink lemon tea and sniff dried lemon leaves every morning; it greatly benefits headaches.


Applying salt and pepper to an apple and eating it every morning on an empty stomach is beneficial for headaches. After this, hot water should be drunk; there is an immediate benefit.

Chewing the apple after adding black pepper and salt and eating it regularly for 15 to 20 days relieves headaches.


  • Clove has medicinal properties; it is a pain reliever, and antiseptic and is an excellent Home Remedies For Headaches.
  • Applying clove oil on the head and massaging it gives instant relief from headaches. Grinding cloves and applying them on the forehead and forehead greatly relieves headaches.
  • Grind four cloves and boil them in a cup of water; when the water becomes half, filter it and give it to the patient twice daily; it relieves headache very soon.

Coconut Oil


Apply a little coconut oil on your head and massage it for 10 minutes, giving great relief from the headache.

If there is a headache due to heat, massaging with coconut oil gives a lot of coolness to the head and reduces the pain.


  • Salt is also commonly used as Home Remedy for Headaches, and its results are also good.
  • For this, put a pinch of salt on your tongue and drink cold water after a while; it ends the headache.
  • Mixing a pinch of salt in a quarter cup of water; this water should be snorted, as it provides relief from headaches.

Luke-warm Water

We can very quickly treat Head Pain at home using warm water.

For this, heat the water lightly and put your feet in it and feel; Water is gonna do it's about. It cures headaches and also provides relief from colds.

This treatment provides quick relief from fatigue and rejoices in your Soul. Plus, it cures the pain caused by colds and flu.


Amla is full of Magical properties and acts medicinal.

Amla in English - Indian Gooseberry

Grind Indian gooseberry, take two spoons of its powder, add ghee and sugar for taste, and use it in the morning and evening with milk.

It cures all types of headaches. The use of Gooseberry Jam will be beneficial in headaches due to weakness.

Garlic Juice

Take small pieces of garlic and extract its juice, and give one spoon of this juice to the patient suffering from a headache. This gives relief in pain.

Garlic acts as a medicinal and is also a suitable painkiller. It removes headaches after going into the body.

Pure Ghee

  • If there is a headache due to nosebleeds, then put two drops of pure ghee in the nose and go to sleep; it is very beneficial in headaches and nosebleeds.
  • To get rid of headaches, massage pure ghee on the soles of your feet for a few days while sleeping at night; it relieves headaches.
  • Massaging ghee on the head also gives relief.


In conclusion, headaches are a common ailment that affects people of all ages and genders. Although we often overlook headaches as a minor issue, some can be severe and require medical attention. Understanding the types, causes, and remedies for headaches is essential to manage them effectively. Stress, lack of sleep, noise, excessive use of electronic devices, overthinking, high blood pressure, injuries, nasal ear disease, and weak eyes can cause headaches. Several home remedies can help alleviate headache pain, such as cinnamon, fenugreek, and rose water. We can avoid and manage headaches effectively by being aware of the causes and taking preventive measures. Remember that timely care is necessary to prevent a minor headache from becoming severe.

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