How to get rid of Dark Circles - Causes, Home Remedies, Healthy Habits and more!

Dark circles under your eyes, one of the most common indications that your body shows when there is unhealthy lifestyle or diet is been chasing you. However, Most people think it's normal or as an effect of aging but it can be a serious indication for "Act Now or Never." 

Dark circles under eyes may indicate health problems in the rest of the body or can create an appearance of fatigue or advanced age.

Under eye dark circles can happen to anyone from various causes and the most highlighted reason of this condition is lack of Sleep. But Why and How Under eye dark Circles forms? According to Dermatology, the thinnest and delicate skin in our body, i.e.,Epidermis, is placed under our eyes and as it is highly sensitive, it can react to the tiniest action.

Why do dark circles happen? 

Dark circles can cause by many factors, lack of sleep, allergies, stress, dehydration, excessive crying ( yes, it's true ), working restlessly, smoking, overnight binge watching or facing mobile/laptop screens and lack of Nutritious diet.

Nutrition Deficiency is the main reason in these, according to doctor's advice and health care experts, treatment of dark circle is necessary.

Major Problems that can cause you more than just puffy eyes;

E - World

Era of Technology or in my words, e-World, has completely taken over on our minds, destroying our lifestyles by excessively spending times on-screen whether it's work from home, attending online classes, or playing video games. We all have been told side effects of technology, and we might also aware of blue light radiations that are very harmful for our eyes, hence it can cause more than just Dark circles under your eyes.

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Lot's of efforts and remedies has been made to avoid dark circles, but still getting rid of this problem is not easy. We can't just fade away Dark circles overnight, be aware of such kinds of remedies who promise overnight treatments.

What Causes dark circles around the eyes? 

The dark circles are found due to assorted causes such as:

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of dark circles under the eyes. Lack of sleep can cause the skin to become dull and pale. This allows the black under the skin to show through and blood vessels. Due to lack of sleep, fluid starts to build up under the eyes and due to which the eyes swell and dark circles start coming.

Why Lack of Sleep is very dangerous for your Health!


Just as stress affects our mental health, it also affects the skin around the eyes. Laptops, Mobiles, and Telivision screens increases the pressure on the eyes, due to which the blood vessels around the eyes can increase, due to which the skin around the eyes becomes dark.


Another reason for dark circles is also the formation of age, as age increases, the skin loses its elasticity, which is why dark circles start coming under the eyes.

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We try our best to get rid of most of the postal circle but still not able to reach the correct result if any other in your family also have the problem of postal circle then it is a genetic problem. Melanin Rich Skin is very sensitive to hyperpigmentation which can cause this problem.

Some other reasons for the Dark Circles: 

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor oxygen circulation
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Pollution
  • Using the wrong cosmetics
  • Working long hours on computer and mobile

Home remedies to get rid of dark circles


When we talk about remedies of dark circles or a quick tip to rejenovate your soul, no one can beat cucumber slices. It shows remarkable benefits to skin as it contains skin whitening and astringent properties. Cut the cucumber in thin slices and keep them in refrigerator for 30mins. Afterwards, put that cold and fresh slices on your eyes, let them do their job and Relax yourself with soft music. Use this method twice a day to achieve the best results. 

Cold Compress

Cool down your eyes after a hectic day with the help of steel spoon. Put a spoon in the fridge for 5-10mins and after that press lightly around the eyes. It provides a great relief and tend to decrease swelling as well. 

Raw Milk

Milk is a natural cleanser. It helps in soothing the sensitive skin around the eyes or due to the generation of lactic acid, not only reduces the inflammation of the skin but will also lighten the skin complexion. Dubai and apply this reason around the eyes, leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes, even better results are seen.


Antioxidants present in tomatoes are very beneficial for the skin of the eyes. Tomato is a natural bleaching agent that reduces post circles.

Add tomato juice extract and so 1 -2 teaspoon lemon juice and one to two teaspoon gram flour. Mix all these well together and prepare a paste. Apply it around the eyes and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash with cold water, use this method twice a week to get rid of dark circles.

Rose water

Rose water is considered to be the most beneficial to get rid of dark circles. For this, take some rose water in a cotton ball and keep it on your eyes and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Grated Potatoes

Potatoes is a very powerful source of Vitamin-C, which is famous for making our skin healthy.

Wash a potato thoroughly and grate it and extract the juice. Soak this juice with cotton and then place a cotton pad on your eyes, leave it on the eyes for about 10 minutes, then wash the eyes with lukewarm water from this dark circle If you want, you can use this recipe daily.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory limited properties and it is also a great moisturizer, wash the eyes thoroughly then take a fresh aloe vera juice and massage it with the help of it for about 10 minutes. If you are feeling stickiness, then there is no need to wash the eyes, leave the aloe vera on it, after doing it daily, the post circle ends.

Almond Oil

Mix a spoonful of almond oil and a little lemon juice in it, apply it around the eyes and massage in the same direction for one to 2 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Benefits of Almonds

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered the best moisturizer. Vitamin E and antioxidants are found in abundance in it, which help in repairing skin cells and reducing dryness. Add a few drops of coconut before sleeping at night and apply it lightly. Massage it around the eyes. Leave it overnight, this can get rid of dark circles, you can use this method daily.

Benefits of Coconut

Natural ways to reduce dark circles under eyes

1. Consume a healthy diet including antioxidant-rich, plant-based foods. Reduce or eliminate the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

2. Create optimal conditions for quality sleep.

3. Use a DIY facial mask to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin in the eye area.

4. Eliminate the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

5. Take quality supplements if your body is low on certain nutrients like iron, or to provide compounds that are beneficial for circulation.

6. Give your eye area a massage. Lubricate skin with light oil or facial cleanser and gently massage the area from the nose outward to the cheek.

7. Usage of herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions can improve in reducing the appearance of dark circles.

8. Reduce pigmentation of darkened skin by using skincare containing natural skin lightening ingredients like licorice and Vitamin C to gently lighten color and stimulate collagen production.

Healthy habits to Follow to avoid dark circles;

Get plenty of sleep

The best way to avoid dark circles is to get enough sleep, about 7 to 8 hours of sleep must be completed.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Diet plays a very crucial role in every aspect, whether it's weight gain, loss, healthy skin, or bones. Eating a balanced diet or intake of special foods that specifically target for dark circles.  Here's the complete list to read on;

Yoga and meditation

Performing yoga or morning meditation is a big contributor in reducing dark circles, try to do this every day, it will not only calm your mind but will also make your body fit and healthy.


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