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Is Desi Ghee Healthy or unhealthy? Here are 13 Amazing benefits of Desi ghee you might not know!

Desi ghee is one of the oldest, most traditional and healthiest cooking spreads in Indian cuisine. But did you know desi ghee has health benefitsbenefits applying desi ghee on the face is also one of the best beauty products as well? 

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Desi Ghee is a pure form of clarified butter that has been made and consumed since the Ancient Times. It is produced after the enormous churning of buttermilk and heating butter at the right temperature, in a traditional method. It can do wonders for your hair, skin, and health in general. So, Is Desi ghee healthy or unhealthyIf you want to read more about What Desi ghee is, the Benefits of Desi ghee, and myths about desi ghee for weight gain, then you should definitely read this article.


  1. What is Desi Ghee
  2. Desi ghee Increases Weight
  3. Benefits of desi ghee on the navel
  4. Desi ghee benefits during pregnancy
  5. 13 Health Benefits of Desi ghee
  6. Side effects of Desi ghee
  7. FAQs

Desi Ghee helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients. It's also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Benefits of Desi Ghee also helps to boost the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. It's great for the heart and the brain. It can also perfectly goes as an addition to any diet, including the ketogenic diet.

Desi Ghee promotes Weight gain or Weight loss?

Some Health conscious minds questions " Desi ghee Increases Weight, Drastically." For the fact, it's not true, if you consume it in the right quantity, Desi ghee helps in weight loss and cutting extra belly fat as well. Desi Ghee contains linoleic acid, Omega 3, Omega 6 and essential fatty acids which works as a miracle for weight loss.

13 Benefits of Desi Ghee

Desi ghee, Benefits of Desi ghee, desi ghee vector, desi ghee benefits, benefits of desi ghee in naval, side effects of desi ghee

The desi ghee health benefits are many for the body, ONLY if it's consumed in the right quantity, and at the right time. It contains numerous healthy nutrients like Omega 9, Vitamin A, E, and K. 

Here's the list of the Top 13 health benefits of desi ghee;

1. Benefits of desi ghee on the navel

Applying desi ghee and massaging your belly button at night regularly has several health benefits which are mentioned below: 

  • Provides Healthy and Glowing skin as it reduces acne, pimples and blemishes.
  • Improves hair quality by making them Shiny and Strong, Naturally.
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Relief from menstrual cramps
  • Soothes the mind for better sleep

2. Desi ghee benefits during pregnancy

Consumption of desi ghee also proves to be very beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women get sufficient amounts of strength and energy by consuming desi ghee during pregnancy. If desi ghee is consumed during pregnancy, it also provides great health benefits to the fetus as well. It is recommended to consume Desi ghee during your last trimester. While you can safely consume 1-3 tablespoons of Desi ghee during pregnancy. 

Still, Consulting your Doctor is Highly recommended before consuming anything Whether it's food, beverage or any kind of health supplement.

3. Boosts Immunity

Weak Immunity is the Souce of Sickness and Falling ill early, as the body becomes so vulnerable and fragile if the Immune system is not strong enough. 

In such a situation, consumption of desi ghee is highly recommended as it contains conjugated linolenic acid and antioxidants which serves as an Immunity booster and prevents the generation of free radicals in our bodies that gives way to chronic health conditions.

4. Strong Bones

Desi ghee strengthens our bones and it is also effective in improving bone health by enhancing its density. It relieves joint pains, stiffness by lubricating bones and also helps in alleviating symptoms of arthritis. 

5. Get rid of mucus

It is often seen that young children are more tampered with mucus. Breathing problems like cough, and trouble inhaling can be treated with Desi ghee home remedy for mucus.

  1. Heat a small amount of desi ghee
  2. Add a pinch of salt
  3. Gently Massage it on the chest
  4. That's it!

6. Beneficial in TB

If Tuberculosis (TB) is not treated in time, it can cause a lot of damage. In Ayurveda, desi ghee is considered very beneficial for TB patients. However, for the treatment of TB, one should not rely only on home remedies, immediate treatment is a must before it can shape into an ugly disease.

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7. Beneficial for Cholesterol Patients

There are many benefits of desi ghee for cholesterol patients. Consumption of desi ghee removes bad cholesterol and starts increasing amounts of good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is considered very beneficial for the heart. Consulting your doctor before consuming desi ghee is recommended. 

8. Desi Ghee for Better Sleep and Sweet dreams

Desi ghee can improve your sleeping schedule. It helps in lowering stress levels and gives a soothing relaxation to your mood. 

Best Way to Use Desi ghee for better sleep;

  • Before Bedtime, Drink a cup of warm milk mixed with half a teaspoon of desi ghee. As It is very effective to calm the nerves and send you into a state of sleepiness.
  • Before Bedtime, take a small amount of desi ghee and gently massage on temples, and on the naval. This leaves a calming effect on the mind, triggering a good amount of sleep.

9. Benefits of Desi ghee for hair

The healthy Rich fatty acids found in desi ghee help in nourishing the scalp and hair follicles from within roots and provide a boost of hydration, restoring the hair’s health. Desi ghee is also a good conditioner and can promote hair growth, and hair texture.

10. Benefits of Desi ghee for diabetes

Desi ghee contains linoleic acid which helps to reduce the possibilities of common complications like cardiovascular diseases in diabetic patients.

11. Benefits of drinking milk with desi ghee

Adding a teaspoon of desi ghee to a warm glass of milk can help in improving digestion and metabolism.  Because the enzymes present in milk and desi ghee help in breaking down food for better absorption of nutrients leading towards healthy digestion. 

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12. Benefits of cow desi ghee for eyes

Rich in Vitamin A, Desi Ghee which is probably one of the most beneficial substances that are ever known to human beings can be beneficial for your eyes also. You can gently massage a small amount of ghee onto clean eyelids, under the eyes and all areas surrounding; as it is used as a moisturizing agent.  The fatty acids and vitamins present in Desi ghee help in enhancing eyesight and preventing and reducing dark circles.

13. Benefits of Applying desi ghee on the face

Whether it's consumption or applied directly on the face, desi ghee benefits for the skin is undeniable. As Desi ghee is a good moisturiser, it hydrates the skin. It has vitamins and antioxidants which nourish dehydrated skin and provide instant freshness and glow. For Best results, Apply desi Ghee at night and rinse it off in the morning.

However, people with oily skin can use desi ghee as a spot treatment, as per their requirement.

Side Effects of Desi Ghee

  • Desi ghee has an extreme heat effect, Try to Avoid consuming it in Summer Season.
  • Obese people should avoid consuming desi ghee.
  • Heart patients should not consume ghee.
  • People suffering from Jaundice should avoid consuming.
  • Consuming desi ghee in excess can cause headaches and vomiting.
  • Consuming Desi ghee in excess amounts has the risk of increasing the amount of cholesterol and high levels of saturated fatty acids. Always keep a moderation.
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Consuming How much Desi ghee in a Day is Healthy?

The amount of daily consumption of desi ghee differs for different people and depends on various factors. But normally you can take 2-4 teaspoons/Daily of desi cow ghee which is made at home, to have good health.

Best season to consume desi ghee?

Desi Ghee can be consumed in any season. It proves to be very beneficial for our bodies and bones.

Which is better Ghee or oil?

Ghee is better than oil as it provides health benefits for hair and skin.

What do we call Ghee in English?

In English, Ghee or Desi ghee is called "Clarified butter."

Ghee originated from which country?

India was the first country who discovered ghee.


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