What is White HAT SEO? | White hat SEO techniques | 9 Best SEO techniques in 2022

"Fix your Website's Health."

In today's informative article, We will discuss about, What is White Hat SEO and why is it important for a website? If you are a new blogger or have a little knowledge of running a blog, then you should know about White Hat Seo Techniques. It is very crucial to know about these small tips that are capable of bringing a drastic change. Let's deep dive in, How important White Hat Seo is for our website or blog

White hat SEO

Table contents - 

• What is What Hat SEO?

• 9 Best White Hat SEO Techniques

  - Website Speed and Analysis

  - Deliver High Quality Content

  - Title, Meta Description and Keywords

  - Inbound Links And Link Building

  - Easy and Simple Navigation

  - Keyword Density

  - Image Optimization

  - Improve website speed.

  - How To Make Website Mobile Friendly

✅White Hat SEO, ❌Black Hat SEO

Those who are newbies right now may not know the above two words. White Hat seo and Black hat seo, Both of these are techniques and methods of SEO which we use for website optimization that ultimately leads us to traffic on our website. But in this post today we will specifically learn about What is White Hat Seo.

What is White HAT SEO?

White Hat SEO targets users and transmits Accurate Information to the logo. It follows all the guidelines of SEO and also ensures that the indexing done by the search engine which the user can read and have access to articles.

White Hat SEO is one such way that if you started following this path, it can easily lead you to become a successful blogger.

White Hat SEO Techniques?

The methods we use to make our website search engine friendly are also called White Hat Seo Technique. Here's the list of 9 best White Hat SEO techniques

1. Boost your Website Speed

"No one's likes to Wait."

Websites that opens quickly get a lot of benefits in search engines. And their chances of ranking also increases. Your ideal website opening speed should be less than 3 seconds.

2. Regularly Post High-Quality Content

"Content is King."

Content is the most important factor when it comes to Seo Technique. The higher quality content you post, the more it is very beneficial for the ranking in the search engine because Content is King. If you write Good Quality Content, then the chances of your article being ranked increase even more. Although, don't think that you can fool google by posting plagiarized or paraphrased content, Google bots are highly advance and actively crawling on your website 24/7.  Ideal amount of post should 2-4/week. 

3. Title, Meta Description and Keywords

"Title is the decider."

According to studies, the first 3 seconds is the scanning period of a reader/viewer, hence always use an eye-catchy,  intersting, and great choice of words in your title and meta data for your post. Because when we use Proper Title and Meta data, it comes under White Hat Seo that helps your article in ranking in the search engine quickly.

You should always use Main Keywords in Title and Meta Data. To get great results and high traffic, then your post should contain your Researched keyword in the first 100 words of your post.

Where should keywords be used -

  • Title of the Post 
  • Post URL
  • Post Meta Description
  • First Paragraph Of Post
  • Heading Elements
  • Image Alt Tag

4. Inbound Links and Link Building

Building Backlinks is the most powerful tool when it comes to rank on google. Your website DA( Domain Authority ) and PA ( Page authority ) plays a crucial role in search engines.

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However, link building can be used by both Black Hat and White Hat methods. But if you create link in Genuine way like guest posting your content on higher authority websites, manually insertion of your website link, or Web 2.0.

5. Easy and Simple Navigation

The better the structure of your website is designed, the more user will like it and it is good not only for Google but also for other search engines. Simple and smooth navigations can hold on the user for a longer period of time that will decrease your website bounce rate. "A rising bounce rate is a sure sign that your homepage is boring or off-putting"

6) Keyword Density

Keyword Density means the repetition of any one keyword repeatedly within a post.

Keyword Density has an important role in White Hat SEO. Whenever you write a post, always take care of the keyword density in it. If you use the keyword Density more, then White Hat Seo Post turns into Black Hat Seo. If possible, use related keywords of that focus keyword. For example, If you're writing a health awareness post, don't stuff techy keywords, no matter they are in trend or not.

Note : Keyword Density should not always be more than 2% for your post.

Some software tools like Yoast Seo and Rank Math SEO provides check-up services for Keyword Density.

7) Image Optimization

"Images adds interests."

According to the search engine, it is very important to optimize the image. It has many factors. 

But First, compress the image before uploading, as it can increase the loading speed of your post. You can use Tiny PNG Tools to compress. Ideally less than 100kb doesn't effect your page speed.

It is very important to always give the ALT tag whenever the image is uploaded. Because the search engine crawls an image only by the ALT tag of the image.

8) Improve website speed.

"Repeating point? Yes,  for a reason."

Website speed plays the most important  role in White Hat Seo. The loading speed of your website should be fast.

FREE software tools like Google Page Speed and GTMetrix can be used to check the speed and what errors your website is facing. They provide solutions for the same 

9) Make your website Mobile friendly

Seo for mobile

Google had created an algorithm for mobile friendly in March 2015. The name of this algorithm is “MobileGeddon”. According to Google's survey, it was found that more than 60% population use the internet from mobile, and this percentage is increasing drastically. No one carries a laptop or sits infront of PC everytime but they have access to their smartphone. For example, Stuck in a simple question, just picked up the mobile and googled it.


If your website page is not mobile friendly it is very difficult to get rank in SERP ( Search engine result page.)

You can use Google's Search Console Tool to check Mobile Friendly.


In today's post you have learned about White Hat Seo Techniques. If you use these techniques for your website, then you can also bring traffic to your website and also increase visitors.


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