I tried Rage Coffee for 30 days, and here's my honest review

A Strong cup of coffee has been an essential part of our daily routine, and our current market is stacked by hundreds of coffee brands claiming to be the best. So, I picked Rage coffee Irish Hazelnut and tried it for 30 days for review.

Rage coffee review

But you know why I picked Rage Coffee for review! They are good at what they do and it provides various flavours. Rage Coffee is more than just a coffee brand. It is a movement. It is a culture. It is a lifestyle. It's about a shared experience. Every time you take a sip of Rage Coffee, you experience a feeling of true satisfaction. 

Rage comes from the Latin word rabere which means "wild", "angry", and "to rave". And that's exactly what they do. They do something that's crazy, wild, and crazy awesome! They bring the best coffee experience to our customers!

Rage coffee flavours

Rage coffee Irish hazelnut review

Rage Coffee provides immense varieties to coffee lovers. There are 5 types of coffee produced by rage coffee:

1. Instant Coffee

2. Sachet shots

3. Filter Liquid Coffee

4. Cold brew bags

5. Ground Coffee

The Most popular and commonly used coffee is Instant coffee. Rage coffee provides 9 strongly delicious flavours in Instant coffee.

9 Instant Coffee flavours by Rage Coffee;

  • Original
  • Irish Hazelnut ( My personal favourite )
  • Butterscotch Delight
  • Dark chocolate
  • Creme Caramel
  • Sparky Orange
  • Mint Mocha
  • Vanilla bubblegum
  • Chai latte

Rage Coffee Benefits:

1. According to research drinking a cup of coffee early in the morning can revitalize your body and assist you to establish a regular routine. 

2. It is made with 100% Arabic beans that leaves a superior quality flavouring.

3. According to scientific research, coffee will cause you to feel more energetic both physically and mentally.

4. Rage coffee can help boost productivity at work, helps you stay at peace, and improves the memory and immune system. 

5. Rage coffee can keep you safe from seasonal allergies and illness by boosting your overall immune system.

6. A tired, sluggish start can harm your performance, mood, and overall well-being. With a cup of rage coffee, you can beat the fatigue and will make your day the most productive one. 

Rage coffee Side effects

Although the brand Rage coffee says, there are no side effects but we can't the fact it's still Coffee, and Coffee and contains Caffeine, which can easily harm our body if we don't take in moderation.


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• Rage coffee customer care?

You can reach out to rage coffee at:

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