What is Acupressure Ring: how to use, points, and it's Amazing benefits

Acupressure is becoming more and more popular. And it seems that we are just discovering all the wonders that this ancient practice originating in China has to offer us. Acupressure relieves muscle pain, improves circulation, and helps regulate stress by diffusing energy or "chi" - as it is traditionally known in Chinese medicine - through touch and pressure on vital points of our body.

What is Acupressure Ring: how to use, points, and amazing benefits

What is Acupressure Ring?

We normally associate acupressure with well-known mats. However, acupressure massage rings also exist. These are rings that have 210 contact points that stimulate the vital areas of the fingers and their associated organs. In this way, they help improve circulation, sleep, and mood, as well as increase energy. You will therefore feel much more relaxed and you will take advantage of new energy, strength, and concentration.

Benefits of Acupressure Ring 

Helps in Rebalancing Mind and Body

Daily massage with the acupressure ring will help stabilize health, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the meridians. Its use could not be easier and more pleasant: you just have to place the rings on your fingers and slide them evenly until your fingers noticeably relax. 

Acupressure Ring for Anxiety

A 2008 study by the Cardiff School of Health Sciences in Wales indicates that an acupressure ring can be useful in treating anxiety. Anxiety reduction can benefit numerous systems in the body. High levels of anxiety are associated with heart disease, stroke, a depressed immune system, sleep problems, headaches, and muscle pain.

Acupressure Ring chart:

Acupressure Ring chart

How to use an Acupressure Ring?

Massage by moving the ring up and down between 10 and 20 times. Then move on to the next finger until you have completed all the fingers of both hands. You will feel tingling and warmth in your fingers as blood circulation increases.

Acupressure Ring Points

There is a correlation between the parts of the hand, and other areas of the body, as shown in the acupressure ring chart above. These areas are interconnected through the nervous system and in the Eastern tradition, it is believed that they are also connected through the flow of energy or qi. So when the area on the hand (or foot) is massaged by using an acupressure ring, the correlated area on the body is also affected. Reflexology with an acupressure ring provides genuine social interaction, gentle touch, and relief from exertion.

How Acupressure Ring works on the hands?

Acupressure Ring chart

The hands are perhaps the most active part of the human body throughout the day. Most daily activities, such as typing on a keyboard, using a cell phone, or driving a car, involve the use of hands. No wonder most people's hands are in such agony. An increase in sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise also makes people feel more and more exhausted and injured. The rise in obesity in recent times has also made the body more susceptible to many diseases.

Fortunately, there is an aid in the form of reflexology with an acupressure ring to administer at hand. Not only can it help to get rid of all the aches and pains in your hands, but it also promotes the proper functioning of your organs, thus paving the way to better health.

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