How to Boost Fitness During COVID-19

Being fit and increasing immunity against the novel Coronavirus is one of the greatest missions in current times. As we see lakhs and lakhs of people being affected on daily basis and thousands and thousands of people are dying due to Coronavirus disease it makes us nervous. 

Boost fitness in lockdown

Contents - 

  • How can you still maintain a physically fit body while staying inside your home
  • Fun Activities to do during Lockdown
  • What to do in Home quarantine
  • Effect on Covid-19 on physical activity

The global COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing our way of life: due to the current situation, many people work from home, resorts and all other places to get some rests are closed, and we are socially estranged from family and friends. Knowing how to incorporate physical activity into the new reality of home can help you stay healthy, calm, and connected.

As the positivity rate of being tested positive for COVID-19 continues the stress and anxiety automatically increases mentally. While the lockdown continues work from home has become the new normal nowadays. In turn, it reduces the physical activity of a person and being stuck to his/her chair for long hours. This makes the person lazy more than ever and our world needs to come back to normal. 

Every time you are active, your mental health will improve. We get short-term mental health benefits through each activity, so even a small amount is worth it. Sports activities of any intensity are good for your mood. What you do is not important. You choose different types of training; walking, cycling, yoga, dance aerobics. They all have similar mental health benefits. 

There are some tips to improve your health and fitness during covid – 19 Pandemic. Go through it and follow it. Stay safe. Stay happy.

~ Engage yourself in Physical Activity :              

Whether it is a pandemic or a normal day being physically active is a must or a necessary activity for an individual. It helps the person to be really in great shape and healthy. As simple as walking which is the easiest and accountable exercise and can be done by all age groups.

Engaging one in any physical activity such as yoga or aerobics gives you the confidence to overcome your fear and anxiety. Physical activity may include,
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Any kind of Sport that you like
After long working hours or being shut down in the home it makes you relaxing and keeps you away from negative thoughts.

~ Focus on Diet :                          

The second most important or necessary to fitness is diet. If your diet is good enough then making your body undergo an unnecessarily chemical reaction or disease is highly reduced. Being at home we explore our skills in cooking or trying out new recipes from websites which sometimes lead to unhealthy food habits. 

So as an individual we need to restrict ourselves from junk foods and include more greens and fruits in our diet. Ordering food from outside once in a while is ok but still cooking our food is good that too during this pandemic it is more safe and healthy.

~ Take a short break throughout the day :

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Short-term exercises complement the weekly recommendations. You can use the following exercises as inspiration to stay active every day. Dancing, playing with children, and doing housework such as cleaning and gardening. This is another way to stay active at home.

~ Play with family members as much as possible :

Family sports When the whole family participates in group activities, the child will be more motivated. Family biking, hiking, yoga or gardening games are some examples of how your family can work together. 

~ Eat Rich Food :

As food is the main source of energy and whole-grain foods like Ragi and Oats are rich sources of complex carbohydrates whereas foods like chicken, fish, eggs,paneer, soya, nuts, and seeds are some good sources of protein. High fiber edible seeds like walnuts, almonds, olive oil, mustard oil is recommended during these days. To increase one’s immunity, one should take turmeric milk once a day and helps in increasing immunity power.

Consume energy-boosting foods like banana, apples, oranges or sweet lime juice is recommendable. Adding sweet potato to the salad or as a part of the meal is the best option as it supports the immune system.

~ Play outdoors :

Play outside If possible, encourage your child or teenager to go outside, whether it's a quick walk around or fishing with a brother or sister. A few 10-minute outdoor exercises can quickly become a complete exercise.

~ Stay hydrated :

Being hydrated always is a good sign of health where many of us fail to do. As our country is a tropical region and we have fluctuating seasons in our region it is important to stay hydrated to avoid any kind of infection or disease. Taking warm water with organic honey and lime is also recommendable during this time.

World Health Organization (WHO) suggests drinking water rather than carbonated drinks. Avoiding alcoholic beverages during the pandemic for adults and strictly in young people, pregnant and breastfeeding women can reduce many health problems.

~ Attend to online fitness classes :

Registering courses There are online practice courses suitable for all ages. Many schools and other community organisations provide children with virtual fitness content on request, and many gymnasiums and gymnasiums provide streaming virtual courses.

~ Keeping oneself calm :


The most important one is to stay calm whatever may be the situation is. It said that “if life gives you an opportunity, make full out of it". It is not as simple as said because we witness our near and dear ones being affected and hospitalized.

So it is necessary to keep oneself hold in any situation. By practicing meditation and taking deep breaths one lets out arrogance and can handle any situation smoothly. Just by staying calm and being relaxed and knowing what is happening around the world through social media or television is kind of enough and checking the “death rate” or “positivity rate” of the Coronavirus may lead you to unnecessary tension.

After all, it is not a cricket match to know the score, right?

~ Make a fitness goal :

Set a training goal with your child that is appropriate for their age. Ride a bicycle five times a week or do 50 push-ups in a row to motivate them to move on.

~ Stay connected with your love ones :


Even though we are in lockdown we can be connected to our friends and relatives through social media or by calling them. It is relatively important to know our near and dear ones are sound and healthy. Even though we stay miles apart we have to know their well-being which makes us free from all the tension we undergo.

Spending quality time with family members such as playing, dancing and singing can make you feel better even house cleaning can make you better.

At Last :

~ Don't forget to take Vaccine

The current trending term "vaccine" is heard all around the corner. It is said getting vaccinated is safe to keep you from Coronavirus disease. Yes, getting vaccinated helps you and your family from being affected by the virus which may help you feel confident about your body and make you feel secured.

Hence the above said tips might be helpful to keep you in great shape, fit and healthy to make you a better person. 


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