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cdc health awareness calendar 2022 | Health awareness events | National health awareness calendar 2022

Are you interested in reading a very interesting and informative blog post that educates as well as spread awareness about Diseases that are conquering the World. What could be more easier than having a list of all Health awareness events in an as format of National health awareness calendar 2022.

Health Awareness Calendar 2022

What are the 6 seasons in India?

India is a huge country with a diverse climate and geography and Here is a guided tour to the 6 seasons of India;

  • Spring Season
  • Summer Season
  • Rainy/Monsoon Season
  • Autumn Season
  • Hemant Season, ( Pre Winter )
  • Winter Season

We should always be alert about our health awareness and keep getting health related information for awareness.

For example, on which season, month, week and day, what kind of diseases are on its peak and what precautions we can it. Such information makes us more alert about our health, Here's the list of Diseases and event's that occurs in specific according to months.

National health awareness calendar 2022


The new year begins with new hopes, new resolutions and new promises. In this bitter cold month, many diseases are spread in the cold winds and cold dew, in such a situation, we should be conscious of our health. We should eat right, exercise, do yoga and avoid stress. Bad habits such as eating junk foods, smoking, drinking alcohol should be given up. Keep yourself warm, stay indoors to avoid cold. Avoid bathing with very cold water in cold weather, if possible, use lukewarm water for both bathing and drinking. In such a cold environment, we rarely feel thirsty but you should keep drinking enough water and keep yourself hydrated. The diseases you should be cautious of during this month are cold, arthritis, skin diseases (eczema and psoriasis), heart diseases and respiratory diseases which affect more during the winter season.

January Health Events

  • 04 January International Braille Day

Why do we celebrate World Braille Day?

World Braille Day, celebrated since 2019, is observed to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication in the full realization of the human rights for blind and partially sighted people.

  • 30 January World Leprosy Day

World Leprosy Day

Why do we celebrate Leprosy Day?

World Leprosy Day (WLD) is celebrated on the last Sunday of January. This international day is an opportunity to celebrate people who have experienced leprosy, raise awareness of the disease, and call for an end to leprosy-related stigma and discrimination.


In the month of February, there is a feeling of pink cold and the cold winds gradually subside.

February 4 is celebrated as World Cancer Day. 

On this day people are made aware of cancer. It is a life-threatening disease, mainly arisei due to reasons like smoking, drinking alcohol, being exposed to excessive sunlight, lack of nutritious diet, lack of physical labor or exercise and being overweight. Every year thousands of people die of cancer.


  • 11 March World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday. This year, March 11 will be celebrated as World Kidney Day. Every year two lakh people in India are affected by kidney disease. It is quite difficult to diagnose kidney diseases. Henceforth, We can celebrate this day just by getting our kidneys checked.

  • 22 March World Water Day
World Water Day
  • 24 March World TB Day

World TB Day

TB is a deadly infectious disease. This disease is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium. According to stats, every 3 mins 2 people Faces death due to TB in India. World Health Organization believed, more than 2 billion people worldwide are infected with this disease. A patient infected with TB can infect other healthy people as well. That is why there is a need to spread awareness about this disease in the society.


  • 02 April World Autism awareness Day

World Autism Day

  • 07 April is celebrated as World Health Day. 

Its main purpose is to discuss about global health and its related problems. Its purpose is also to make people aware about health rumours, myths and people. World Health Day has been celebrated from the past 71 years.

  • 17 April World Haemophilia Day
  • 19 April World Liver Day
  • 22 April World Earth Day
  • 25 April World Malaria Day


The month of May can be described as one of the hottest month of the year. the heat of summer is felt gradually, we should avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight increases the risk of heat stroke as well as problems like gastritis or food poisoning. 

Here's the list of What foods should and should not be, on your plate in Summer

  • 05 May World Asthma Day
  • 08 May World Thalassaemia Day
  • 16 May National Dengue Day
  • 30 May World Multiple Sclerosis Day
  • 31 May World No-Tobacco Day

World NO Tobacco day

May 31 is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day. The World Health Organization has created this event to aware people about how deadly can Tobacco consumption be. Consuming tobacco increases the risks of getting many types of cancer.


In summer, the virus grows more rapidly, that is why in the month of June, the risk of virus growth is high, diseases like urinary tract infection, typhoid and cholera can commonly be seen. Viral infections are very common, so children need to be especially taken care of. Diseases like measles and chicken pox also spread their outbreaks. Vaccinations must be done to avoid such diseases.

World doctor day

  • 01 June World Doctors Day
  • 05 June World Environment Day
  • 11 June World population day
  • 14 June World Blood Donor Day
  • 21 June Word Yoga Day

21 June is celebrated as World Yoga Day. For the first time, International Day of Yoga was celebrated across the world on June 21, 2015.


By the month of July, the monsoon spreads all over the country and due to the rains, water gets accumulated in many places, due to which Diseases like- Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Jaundice, Typhoid, Hepatitis and Gastroenteritis spread rapidly.

  • 28 July World Hepatitis Day

Hepatitis is a dangerous disease, it's infection causes inflammation in the liver. And when it comes to detoxification, liver plays an important role. Some of the common symptoms of hepatitis are loss of appetite, frequent dyspepsia, flushing of the skin and urinary tract, weight loss, and fever. You should definitely get your liver tested, this is the purpose of this awareness.


The month of September is celebrated as National Nutrition Month.

  • 01 to 07 September Nutrition Week
  • 05 September Spinal Cord Injury Day
World suicide prevention day
  • 10 September World Suicide Prevention Day
  • 19 September World Marrow Donor Day
  • 21 September World Alzheimer's Day
  • 25 September World Pharmacist Day
World Environment Day is celebrated on 26 September.
  • 21 to 27 September: World Day of the Deaf
  • 28 September World Rabies Day

29 September is celebrated as World Heart Day. Its purpose is to make people aware of heart related diseases. Due to today's lifestyle, whether it is a small child or an elderly person, every section of the people are suffering from heart disease. Heart disease has spread as a serious disease all over the world today.


The month of October is also known as Breast Cancer Awareness.

Both men and women are at risk of breast cancer, but it is more likely in women. Women above 40 years of age should get checked by a doctor so that it can be diagnosed before it's too late. In 2020, an estimated 684,996 women across the world died from breast cancer.

  • 01 October World Vegetarian Day
  • 06 October Cerebral Palsy Day
  • 08 October World Sight Day
  • 10 October World Mental Health Day
  • 12 October World Arthritis Day
  • 13 October Thrombosis Day
  • 15 October World Hand Washing Day
  • 16 October World Food Day

October 20 is the World Osteoporosis Day. The purpose of this day is to make people aware about the symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis. This disease weaken the bones, which increases the risk of fracture, especially women are more prone to it. A bone density test should be done, which shows the weakening of bones. Elders of the house and people above 50 years of age must be checked.

  • 21 October World Iodine Deficiency Day
  • 24 October World Polio Day
  • 29 World Stroke Day


  • 10 November World Immunization Day
  • 12 November World Pneumonia Day

World Diabetes Day is on 14th November. India is known all over the world as the capital of diabetes. Which includes our irregular routine, not exercising, consuming junk food, etc.

  • 17 November National Epilepsy Day
  • 18 November World COPD Day
  • 18 to 24 November World Antibiotics Awareness Week


December 1 is World AIDS Day. AIDS is an incurable disease. There is no cure for this deadly disease but to avoid this disease, its treatment is just prevention. If safe sex is practiced, the risk of getting AIDS can be reduced by up to 80%.


“It is not a big deal to be healthy if we adapt ourselves according to the season and prepare ourselves to fight against seasonal diseases. If we eat seasonal food and eat healthy, and balanced diet then we can avoid getting caught by any disease. An annual health check-up is highly recommended."


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