What is Memory Loss - Causes, Symptoms, and Best and Worst Foods for Memory

Our diet and lifestyle routine has a very profound effect on our physical health and mental health, but What factors, habits, and specially Foods will impact our brain memory whether it's positive or negative.

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• What is Human Memory?

• Causes of Memory Loss

• What are the 5 Worst foods for memory loss

• Symptoms of Memory Loss

• What Foods are good for Memory 

What is Human Memory?

Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the human brain.

It is also the sum total of what we remember and gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. [ Source ✅ ]

On the contrary, if our lifestyle is not right, then it's absolutely gonna leave a negative effect on our physical health and mental health, as a result of which our risk of memory loss increases. To improve our mental health, we need to keep our body hydrated, intake healthy food and improve our routine because it makes our mind healthy and sharpens our memory.

This blog mainly focuses on the list of best foods that are good for memory and worst foods for memory loss.

Causes Of Memory Lose

There can be many reasons for the loss of memory, Some Common reasons are listed below -

• Excessive intake of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs.

• Aging

• Deficiency of Vitamin B-12

• Lack of Sleep/Sleep Deprivation

• Mental weaknesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress

• Exacerbation of Physical Fitness

• Congenitally weak brain

• Excessive sex

• Scared of someone 

• Lack of nutritious food

• Suffering from any emotional trauma

Symptoms Of Memory Loss

There are many symptoms of memory loss, let's know about some specific ones -

• Dementia

• Alzheimer

Source ✅

• Can't remember what you're about to do

• Forgetting what has been read or memorized

• Forgetting to keep things somewhere, remember later

• Forgetting to remember the name of an object or person

• Forgetting the introduction of a knowledgeable or familiar person

Best Foods for Memory Loss

Let's accept the fact, your food plate has the Right to decide how healthy you are, whether it's Physically or Mentally. Processed and fried foods, Alcohol, Caffeine, Candies, Energy drinks, are the leading foods which can increase your depression. 

Add as much as Natural foods and drinks in your diet like whole grain foods, Fresh fruits and vegetables, or plants than animal foods. Research shows, people who are prefer veg diets and consume less meat are much likely to reduce brain-related diseases and better brain function. Here's the list of Natural foods for memory loss ;

  • Walnuts

Apart from its brain looks, Walnuts are very special as they contain antioxidants in a very high amount, i.e., Gamma tocopherol, and also consists a high composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Vitamin A. Studies have shown, Walnuts have a very positive effect on our Mental health such as Anxiety and Depression. So, If you're really concerned about your memory, consume 2 Walnuts everyday.

Two Brains in a Shell - Walnuts | Benefits | Side Effects 

  • Brocolli

Brocolli is rich in healthy compounds like Vitamin K, glucosinolates, Vitamin C and flavonoids, Antioxidants, and much more, which provides numerous benefits to our body. 

  • Eggs

Eggs are one of the best sources of choline, a nutrient which is famous leaving a positive impact in better cognitive function. Apart from choline, Eggs are filled with proteins, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Folate and Lutein which makes them an incredible side dish in your daily diet. While Some people prefer eating eggs without yolks, but when it comes to brain protective nutrients, all essential nutrients are in Yolk.

  • Avocados

Avocados is an excellent source of Potassium, and Folate that helps to maintain good blood flow and fills the deficiency of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease.

The Tasteless Fruit - 15 Benefits of Avocados

Although, if you have any kind of heart diseases, Consult a Doctor First, Before Consuming Avocado.

  • Fish

Fatty Fishes like Herring, Salmon, Tuna, and Rainbow Trout are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps in lowering levels of beta-amyloid proteins.

Is fresh fish good for pregnant woman?, Yes, Eating fish in pregnancy is safe and research also shows that, "Pregnant women who ate up to 12-ounces of seafood a week had children with improved cognition, including higher IQ scores," says Ali.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

There's no doubt adding pumpkin in the list of most healthy fruits, and apart from its juicy content, pumpkin seeds is no less than gems. They are packed with zinc which plays an important role in brain health. Deficiency of Zinc might lead towards neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and schizophrenia.

They’re also an excellent source of magnesium, iron, b-vitamins, and copper which may play a role in cognition and mood.

5 Worst foods to avoid for memory loss

Fountain Sodas and Sugar Drinks

High-sugar diets have been linked to Various brain issues like Alzheimer's Disease, dementia and lower cognitive scores. Apart from this, Research has found that people who drink a lot of sodas, sweet tea, and other sugary beverages are a more likely to face memory loss in early ages.

Red Meat

Still living in a False Bravado that meat is the only source of Protein, it's time to break the shell. Red med is potentially high in Saturated fats which is unhealthy for your heart as well as brain. According to studies, the key tenet of Alzheimer's disease and diet appears to linked with meat consumption, Eggs, and high fat dairy foods.

Infact, cutting down the consumption of meat is one of the main aspect of MIND-Diet

MIND stands for the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay.

The MIND diet aims to reduce dementia. CLICK to Read more 

After calculating the risks, have a look at these 13 suprising sources of protein.


Drinking alcohol can give you fuzzy memory and excess alcohol instake can permanently damage the Brain, including hippocampal atrophy. The more you drink, the more you face difficulty in processing information, remembering things, and might develop poor communication skills.

Fried Foods

One of the worst things you can add in your plate for your brain is fried food, and french fries tops the list. Hence, there's no need to be shocked on 2B dollar orders of french fries is placed each year. Source.  

According to a study, artery-clogging fried foods can actually increase risk of Alzheimer's disease and associated with lower cognitive scores in memory and learning. 

Vegetable Oils

Another food to add in the list of "what foods to avoid for memory loss" is Vegetable Oils. Yes, it may sound Healthy but they all high in omega-6 fatty acids. Safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil are all linked with increasing Alzheimer. 

When To See a Doctor

If memory loss is effecting your day-to-day life, it is recommended to consult a Doctor. If situation is under control, adapting healthy habits like Morning Meditation, Yoga, or Book reading might help in memory and awareness.


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